Monday, July 21, 2008

Big sewing news!

I have big sewing news, but first here are the County Fair results!

Crochet doily-1st place! I was so excited to see this as this was my goal!
Doll outfit-2nd place, but out of only two dolls.
Beaded bow brooch-3rd place out of a nice class of 7 entries
Yo-yo table runner-4th place out of a large class that included both table runners and placemats
Knit snowflake washcloth-nothing, I didn't expect anything but I blocked it and took it anyway

All in all, a very good outcome! I didn't take any food this year. I was going to do Challah bread and cinnamon rolls but I ran out of time. Next year I will budget my time more wisely.

My big news is....

I bought a new sewing machine! Actually, I should say, my husband bought me a new sewing machine. :) It is a Janome DC2007LE and it basically thinks for me! 30 different stitches! One step button holes! A thread cutter that actually cuts thread! It has it all!

I was a little scared of the computerized machine. I'm so used to taking my machines apart, putting them back together, tinkering and fixing and rejiggering, that I worried I would be losing control to the computer and wouldn't have the options that I had! Ha! This thing is amazing! And the nice man at the sewing machine store explained to me that machine only wants to help me, not take away my control and flexibility. I finished one project on it already:

It's a pillowcase with a quilted square in a square border and this fun tooth fabric. I'm calling it my "There is no tooth fairy" pillow since some of the teeth are decayed and unhappy.

I won a giveaway at Darcy's Knotty Knitter and was supposed to receive a Leslie Wind Shawl Pin. Not only did I get a gorgeous shawl pin in the mail, but since it was a little late in arriving, she also sent one of the absolutely amazing cable needle necklaces! Those things are the best idea yet and not only are they so handy, they're beautiful! I spent most of the car ride to and from Ohio doing cables and I can't tell you how many times I dropped my stupid cable needle (which was really just a tiny crochet hook I had with me since I don't actually own a cable needle, I just use whatever rod-like apparatus happens to be within reach)! Thank you so much to both of them for the great surprise in the mailbox!

Lastly, but not leastly, Wednesday is my dear, sweet husband's birthday but we celebrated this past weekend. If you have a spare minute, give him a birthday shout over at his rarely-updated blog. :)


  1. Congrats on your ribbons. It's really a thrill to walk into the display area and see a ribbon on your entry. Congrats, too on the new sewing machine. I hope it gives you many happy hours of creativity.

  2. Awesome wins on your items YeahU!!!! I wish I knew how to sew Iam so wishing I could add that to my creativity list;)Please let me know what you knit using cables I would love to know what you think of using the cable needle necklace yourself.Remember there are 2 instructional video's on how to use the cable needle necklace on my blog you just double click on the video's to enlarge them to screen size turn on the volume and go for it:)I would love your feedback on our cable needle necklace.Sincerely,Darcy & Leslie

  3. Great machine although I too would be a little nervous about the computerized bit. I always panic about a new program or software until I am comfortable with it. Gorgeous pillow, rotting teeth and all.

  4. Congratulations on your ribbons - isn't it so much fun entering fairs? I missed our county fair this year but there is still time for the state ... And that new sewing machine is so adorable. Hopefully it won't be long until it feels like your best friend rather than just a computerized machine, you know?

    Happy blogoversary, too.