Saturday, July 26, 2008

Contest winner!

Edit: If you haven't received an email from me yet, it's because I was not able to find your email address on your website. Please email me if you were one of the 29 who left guesses and want to take advantage of my offer.

First off, I bet you are all waiting to see what that building is! There was only one correct guess, from Karla and Karrie. Yes it is a McDonald's! Complete with drive through, and chandeliers!

We stopped here because I have world's smallest bladder and had to use the restroom, and because it was just wacky!

True to my word this morning I choose, at complete random, the winner to the contest and her name is:

But no one goes away empty-handed here at CorgiPants! I have a special offer for everyone who offered up a guess!

I have been working on a new project. I call it the Make-Do Marigolds, a mail club with a depression-era work ethic, choc full of tips and hints, recipes, and projects for home and garden. Membership packets and Make-Do Mail booklets will be available in my Etsy Store.

Do you find yourself wishing you could darn those socks instead of throwing them out? Wanting to use up that stale loaf of bread in some creative way instead of wasting it? Dreaming of fixing your broken radio instead of buying a new one? Then might I suggest you join the Make-Do Marigolds, a club for trying, learning and preserving the skills and attitude that make your grandmother would be proud of you for possessing!

When you join the Make-Do Marigolds, you get a membership card (which is also a handy kitchen conversion chart for your pocket!), a welcome letter and our latest edition of the Make-Do Mail, our series of educational booklets. Each edition of the Make-Do Mail contains recipes, projects and the badge you earn by completing that booklet's requirements!

After you are a recorded member, you can earn more badges for each booklet you complete and accumulate the skills you need to Make-Do with what you have!

I would like to offer a membership packet including a copy of the very first edition of the Make-Do Mail, Seasons Series #1-Summer, to everyone who posted a guess (with only one little condition). All you have to do after receiving your packet in the mail is either email me with your true and honest thoughts and/or blog about it on your blog. Look for an email from me later today, just respond with your address to claim.

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