Thursday, December 4, 2008

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I am very late in posting this. CC tagged me back on Thanksgiving!

6 random things about Jenna

1-I thought I hated red velvet cake until this weekend. Ever since a horrible experience baking a red velvet cake in my bread machine (it says it can make cakes!) I just thought it was a terrible flavor. But I got brave and tried one at the Renegade Craft Fair on Saturday and it was.....ok! I guess it's just the flavor of cake in the bread machine I don't like.

2-I have to write "brush teeth" on my daily list of to-dos or I won't remember to do it.

3-Reading in bed is one of my favorite evening activities and as anyone who has a husband who works odd hours knows, you don't get read in bed when you're husband has been asleep in said bed since 5 pm. So I relish Friday and Saturday nights when I can curl up under the covers and read until my eyelids are so heavy I pass out.

4-I've had my new car for exactly one year now. (In case you forgot since then, last December I had a car accident and totaled my car but my wonderful husband made sure I got one JUST like it so everything would be like it never happened.) And today the roads were SOOOO icy I could just imagine it happening again and kept stealing paranoid glances in my rear-view mirror.

5-I have gained about 10 pounds since I haven't gone to the gym since.....(checking day planner)....August. Ack!

6-Uuuh, let's see. Number 6. I'm kind of drawing a blank. I just finished a book called Gardens of the Early Midwest. It was published by the Conner Prairie in Indiana which is a historic re-enactment place. It got me thinking about where I would like to have our 10th anniversary party (2010) because I'd love a place like that! Sadly, our anniversary is in February so it has to be indoors. Unless we want to do some sort of rustic sleigh ride/bon fire/cocoa themed event. :) I've been dreaming of a big spectacular party, but we'll probably just do a simply affair here at the house. It's fun to pretend we could have a grand soiree though! When we got married, we agreed we'd have a party after 10 years because that's actually something to celebrate as opposed to a wedding, which is really not an accomplishment at all. Sticking together for 10 years? Yeah, that deserves a party!

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