Monday, December 22, 2008

Not my weekend

This has not been the best of weekends. It hasn't been the worst, for sure. Just annoying at best. On Saturday I slipped on the ice and hurt my ankle and my butt! Sunday I sneezed through a box of tissues, rubbing my nose and face raw in the process. Today I stayed home to recuperate from the achy-sniffly-sneezing-coughing and because it was too cold to start my car! Wind chills have been below zero here this weekend. Right now it's 14, wind chill is 5. And last week we had an ice storm that hasn't melted away yet and left LOTS of branches down around here! I got a few last-minute presents crafted up today but mostly I just slept and listened to Christmas music. Mike took me to the library to get some new reading material so that's what I'm up to tonight. I am thinking about doing on of these reading challenges I've been seeing online. I like the read your name one where you read books whose titles spell out your name. Or the Support You Local Library challenge. There are lots here. Not this weekend but last, we had our holiday party for my work. I made this dress a couple of years back for a wedding but it has spaghetti straps, not very winter-friendly. I ran out and bought 1/2 yard of velboa (on sale, 40% off) and made a quick shrug and I was set. (And I do mean quick, it was sewn into a tube, then one seam in the middle of one side to create the arm openings, so easy!)
Club Little House arrived but I haven't had time to document all the wonderful little littles! Everything was so dreamy, lovely packaging, lovely items, I loved it all!
And speaking of packages, our tree seems to be shrinking, the bottom has disappeared behind all the presents! I don't know if we just got each other large gifts or what but despite the recession, I think this is our most gifteriffic Christmas yet!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your lousy weekend but dang, those are some big gifts under your tree! I hope you and Mike have a very Merry Christmas, Jenna!

  2. I forgot Sully!! I hope he has a great Christmas too!

  3. Such a clever girl to create a shrug as quick as a wink. You look great!