Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rainy and getting colder!

It's been rainy here in central Illinois. Sully has been getting some use out of the TWO raincoats he got for Christmas, one from his grandma and the one he is modeling here from his Mighty Mites Secret Santa.

Speaking of Christmas, I was richly rewarded this season by my wonderful husband who might have left shopping to the last minute but really pulled through with some great stuff! Getting the most use have been my new mixing bowls and cooling racks, great for making batch after batch of cookies!

He also got me more kitchen stuff, a wonderful fluffy robe with a heart pendant necklace in the pocket and some great artwork from my DeviantArt wishlist!

Of course, I deserved all these wonderful gifts for all the amazing things I do! Like fixing the dryer! I took that dryer apart like I was some sort of fix-it man sans sagging pants! And put it back together again so well that it stills works! With no squeaking!


  1. Cute rain coat! Where did you get it? We have been looking for one for Baby but all of them are too long for her. Don't dogs look so cute in clothes though?? ;)

    Oh, congrats on the house too!! Exciting!

  2. The raincoat was a gift from Sully's secret santa on the Mighty Mites Small Dog forum but she got it from J & B Wholesale. It is a little long in front but it just needs to be hemmed a tiny bit so that he can get up stairs and curbs without stepping on it. He also has a really nice sporty rainjacket that was a present from grandma and it is more form-fitted and has sleeves, it keeps his belly dry too but isn't totally waterproof so this his coat for downpours and the windbreaker is for when it's muddy out but not raining hard. Today, he had to wear his Foggy Mountain Dog Coats Nylon Turnout because it was a windchill of -14!

  3. That has to be one of the cutest dog pictures of all time. I think my corgis need some raincoats, too!