Monday, July 30, 2007


Yes, I realize I'm a little behind the trend of making yourself into a Simpson's character. But we did just see the movie so I felt compelled to post my yellow version of me. Complete with pink shoes (Pink converse which I wear to work at least once a week). Except I only wish my hair looked that good. I need a new cut but my stylist moved last month and I haven't found the gumption to search for a new one.

On the SwapDex front, I have almost 70 entries and am happy to report mostly happy comments from swap hosts. I did have someone unhappy that I had posted information without their permission since they were not equipped to handle large volumes of participants. That I can respect so I took their info down. But I found it an interesting argument that if I didn't have permission, I couldn't post their info. I email everyone just to make sure it's ok by them but I'm pretty sure I'm under no obligation to because linking is covered by free-speech, no? It got me to thinking so I researched it and couldn't come up with a definite answer. Not that I'm arguing with anyone, if they don't want their info posted, I won't post it. But it's an interesting web-philosophy/legal question to ponder.

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