Sunday, July 29, 2007

Doily improvements

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I LOVE the county fair. Yes, the funnel cakes are nice and the sound of tractor pulls and farm animals in the distance are a comfort to this country girl. But what I really love is the old-fashioned competition! I was in 4-H for years and every summer would round up my projects and take them to our 4-H competition. The county fair lets me continue to do that every summer! I enjoy the the preparation, working hard on a few projects to make them my best work, checking them in at the fair, seeing what the competition looks like. And then the anticipation of waiting for the judging! Fantastic excitement!

This year I took 5 projects:
Craft made with recyclables (wire candle lantern)- 1st place
Doily-2nd place
Quilted wallhanging (of a corgi, of course!)- 4th place
Dog biscuits-nothing
Knit accessory (fingerless gloves)-nothing

The wall hanging will be donated this fall to the Corgi-Aid auction at our corgi show. So I kind of rushed getting it done so I could take it to the fair. I am most proud of the awesome doily because it got second place and the first place doily was very intricate and won Champion. So it was beaten by the best.
Dog biscuits

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