Thursday, November 8, 2007

So Sore!

Oooh, my team weight lifting class last night was a doosie! So many push ups, so many squats! Yikes! Other than that, this week has been peachy.

We've reached 200 posts over at the SwapDex! Hooray! Weigh in with your opinion about the format, swaps included and anything else you'd like to tell me.

I wish I could say this post was brought to you from the NEW LAPTOP that Mike brought home a few days ago, but the truth is I'm a little afraid of it. So I haven't used it yet.

Last week we had a family photo shoot with a photographer. Sully, Mike and I but no the cat since the shoot was outside and I don't think he'd appreciate being on a leash in the cold (so cold!), being held for about an hour. I'm anxiously awaiting the proofs so we can pick out our new family portrait!

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