Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a pigsty!

This is the messy state I have left my work table in tonight. I'm not done and it would just be a pain to clean it all up and then drag it all out again. Plus, what good is having my own studio/crafting space if I don't just let things sit once in a while? I do tend to like to clean up after myself but I'm just too busy and I have TOO MUCH stuff out! I've been working on these:

I'm calling them yo-settes. They're genuine rosette ribbons from my 4-H days, embellished with a yo-yo, all sorts of new and vintage trims and made into wearable brooch, albeit a little ostentatious. I will be adding them to the shop along with Christmas-themed and customizable monogrammed ones.

You might see some polymer clay on that table too. That's for a big secret and not one I'm sharing right now. It's for my project for Club Little House. I am attempting to create something to win one of the 12 jurried slots. I'm a little nervous but I am so, SO excited about finally realizing my idea! I've had this idea since the last round of Club Little House, but couldn't decide between this one and the chairs I showed you a couple weeks ago. I chose chairs because it was summer and the chairs are just so beachy and fun! But this time, I'm letting loose on this idea that has been in my head for over a YEAR! And I already had the supplies stored away!


  1. you have been up to so much lately, I cant keep up! Everything looks great, including your new page layout!

  2. I have given you an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up!

  3. It makes me so happy to realize..that out there, is another work area like mine.. yes, this is truly where the greatest ideas are born..(or so I tell me):)

  4. My sewing/crafting area is a pigsty too! I've been getting swaps from your swapdex and didn't realize this was you until this evening! Hee hee! I'm glad we're swaping doll clothes with each other! I'ts going to be a fun challenge making an outfit for your Ginny doll!

  5. Isn't Club Little House a bundle of fun... just even planning it and thinking about it? I told Amy it was like Christmas and a birthday party with a valentine card. And cake.

    Love the yo-settes. What a cool idea.