Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am so honored, Sharon of Creative Origins has awarded me the Brillante Weblog award as a blog she enjoys reading. Thanks so much! I know I say this frequently, but I am so glad to have people reading and getting something out of CorgiPants!

I have decided I just can't decide on 7 recipients. Too much of my brain power is going towards work during the day and new projects (like the new pattern in the works, the fall issue of the Make-Do Mail and some custom My Friend Doll outfits I'm working on for a customer) in the evening! So, I'm taking a cue from Fresh Blog Tips and saying "This is my blog, dangit!" and bucking the rules! If you feel in the mood to receive and/or give an award and would like this one, check out that list of links over at the lower left and if you're on it, great! You win! If not, leave a comment, I'd love the check out your blog and then ta-da, you win! It's like a really PC school in the 90's, everybody gets a trophy!

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