Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dot-to-Dot Stitch Cards

In honor of National Sewing Month, I have a project for you! Is it a sewing project? Of course! But it's also a paper crafts project! When I think fall, I think grade school and what's more grade school than a good old dot-to-dot?

There are two sets of two cards each to print out and stitch with your sewing machine. One set includes two popular designs, a cupcake and mushroom, the other is just right for fall and includes a pumpkin and a leaf.

Download card template here.

Fall cards PDF

Trendy cards PDF

Print the PDF on your choice of colored cardstock. Cut the cardstock in half so that you have two cards. (It's much easier to sew if you cut the cards first, then sew.) Don't print this following diagram, it's only for your reference.

Using your sewing machine and thread in your choice of color, sew from dot to dot following the numbers! The numbers are placed so that each is right side up when you are sewing towards it. Stitch with an average stitch length (too long and the detail will be lost, too short and you'll tear the paper) and if your machine has the "needle down" option, turn it on so that you can stop stitching on each dot and rotate the paper to find the next number.

Using a pin, pull your thread ends to the back and tie them loosely to secure.

If you don't like seeing the stitches on the back, cut a piece of matching paper to 5.5" x 4.25" and adhere inside to cover up back of the stitches.

For variety, I've made one card from each set a little more elaborate by sewing the motif, cutting it out and adding other paper and embellishments. Try it out, have fun! And I'd love to see your cards when they're finished!


  1. Aww, these are so cute! I'll be linking to these!

  2. I'm going to link to them too and I'm also going to try them out. I love the cupcake!

  3. I love the look of these. Dave gave me a card that was partly stitched and it's my favorite to date.

  4. These are wonderful cards!
    what a great idea!
    I love your blog and art!

  5. Very cute cards! Enjoyed reading your blog!Kristin

  6. These are so awesome. Bella Dia posted a vintage set of stitch cards the other day, and I'm thinking of adding them to packages for my nieces and nephews so that they can practice handsewing. I just think these are so fun and cool! Thanks for posting :)

  7. Thank you! My son was looking for a dot to dot to sew and the cards are perfect.

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