Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tutorial for Dog Tie

Oc-Tute-ber Tutorial #7 for:
Dog Tie (or Cat Tie, I suppose, if you are so inclined)

This week, all of our tutorials will all focus on our furry friends.

If you like the idea of dressing up your pet but you have the challenge of owning a male, it can be hard to find cute clothes. You can go the khakis and t-shirt route and have people think you actually think your dog is a furry child. Or you can go the sailor suit/biker costume route but I think those are just silly. Unless you're a sailor or a biker. One fashion accessory that can be dressed up or down is the tie. You can have a goofy light-up, plays music Christmas tie. Or you can have a snappy gray on gray silk tie. I'm fond of really tacky 70's ties so I scour garage sales and my husband's tie rack. :)

What you'll need:
a tie you don't mind cutting up
thread and needle OR sewing machine

First, measure your dog from the point of the collar to where you want the tie to hit. Corgis are, of course, a little short so ties are much easier to make for a taller dog, more dangle room. Sully measures about 6 inches from collar to where I want the point of the tie to be.

Double your measurement. This will be how long we will cut the tie from the fat pointed end. (Unless you are going for the 80's skinny tie look, then you can cut from the skinny end.)

Finish the cut end by folding the edges in and then pressing the two corners inward to create a slight taper on the end of the tie. I hope you can see that in this picture. Sew directly over the end of the tie, catching all the layers.

Now from the skinny end of the tie, cut a piece about 5 inches long, cutting off the point if there is one. Stitch the ends together, creating a loop. This will be our "knot" in the tie. Turn so the raw edges face the inside.

To put the tie on, fold the tie over your dog's collar with the pointy side on the outside and the flat stitched end on the inside. Then thread both ends through the "knot" loop. If your dog is very vigorous, you could stitch your "knot" loop to the back of the tie so it doesn't fall off but I find it stays on pretty nicely and I like the assurance that if it gets caught on something, it can just slip off with gentle pressure.


  1. OMG, that is the cutest idea! I'm not really into the idea of dressing up animals, but who can resist a smart-looking tie? I'm totally saving this idea for what I get my corgi. :) Thanks!

  2. Neat! But Bossy assumes the suit jacket is going to be altogether difficult.

  3. That is the cutest dog costume I have ever seen. I think Rascal will be wearing a tie next week. Thanks!

  4. Just finished making pixar's tie (he's a cat) for our formal casino night tonight :) I might return to url you some of the pics! I did use the skinny side of the tie, because little kitty seemed even smaller with the big part of the tie :lol: Grtz ~ aLiTa