Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great mail awaits!

When we got back from our trip, not one but TWO great swap packages awaited me! (So sorry for the delay in posting, secret pal and swap partner, Mike and I are nursing colds but luckily I took yesertday and today off so I should be back to the swing of things tomorrow.)

First, my Fall Into Autumn Dishcloth swap package! Oh my goodness, when I first opened the box, it was stuffed FULL of candy! Better then going trick or treating, my booty was delivered to my door instead of the other way around!

Farther inside the box were all kinds of treats! Cotton yarn and more cotton yarn! Not one but TWO handmade washcloths! Mango-passion fruit soap and a sachet which is going in my car which smells a little musty (combo of wet dog and sweaty yoga mat). And the cutest ghost and bat stitch markers!

But wait, there's more! A mousepad calendar (never saw those before!), notepad and magnet, Halloween tattoos (definitely wearing one to work tomorrow), a dishcloth pattern book and a kit for making Halloween ornaments! Thank you so much secret pal! But to me, you are still secret. Unless I missed a note, I only know that your first initial is A and that you are from Atlanta. Please reveal yourself so I can thank you properly!

And from a swap on Swap-Bot, I got a darling clothespin doll all decked out in a dress and carrying a purse. And with her came a traveling case full of travel stickers, tags, beads and fun things!


  1. Doh. I can't believe the card didn't make it in. :o

    Your pal who was terribly remiss in the beginning..

    Anne from yarnfamily.com. that's right, I was terrible at the beginning of MY OWN SWAP!

    I am glad you liked the package though - I was hoping you'd enjoy trying the Knit Picks since you said you'd not tried much that was very soft. CottonEase is truly my favorite cotton to use for cloths I use in the shower and such, and then the good old standard! I do hope you enjoyed them, and that I was better after starting off on the wrong foot switching some folks around!


  2. Ooooh, Anne! Thank you thank you! I'm excited to try the Knit Picks, I'm thinking for a cute paw print pattern I have for a washcloth! Everything is wonderful! I've added you to my bloglines, see you around!