Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Nutritious Post

I received my package from the Fruits and Veggies swap I hosted on Create a Connection. Carolee sent me this awesome multi-media painting! And some recipe cards which look very tasty! Thanks!

Speaking of fruits and veggies, there are heaps of them over at A Year At Oak Cottage's Sarnies event! Remember my Delectable Grilled Cheese? Granny Smith apples, Edam cheese and Blackberry jam, all melted together! Vote for it if you are so inclined, there are prizes at stake!

And, speaking of food, I want to hear about your family's holiday menus. I've posted before of my love of menus. I love how different people combine foods. And I love how different food combinations become almost obsessively ingrained in your mind. In my mind, you can't have noodles without mashed potatoes and a hot roll. You can't have meatloaf without applesauce, corn and mashed potatoes. And holidays menus are particularly fraught with these peculiarities, different for each family. In my family (my mom and dad), our holiday menu is basically:

Turkey, from which turkey and noodles is made of some of the meat and the rest of carved up.
Mashed potatoes
Turkey Gravy
Hot rolls
Sage stuffing (dressing really because it's not cooked in the bird but on the side)
Pineapple and lime jello salad
Cranberry and carrot jell-o salad
Relish tray with sweet and dill pickles, black olives, carrot and celery sticks
Pumpkin pie with cool whip
My sister's famous German Chocolate pecan pie (really, her recipe was in Taste of Home)

What does your family have?


  1. What's this?? No green bean casserole???!?!?!! Sweet potatoes are also a crowd-pleaser at my table. And homemade cranberry sauce. (but I used the canned jellied stuff the day after with the leftovers because I like the ribs left from the can when you slide it out)

  2. You know what? I knew I was forgetting something when I typed up that list! Sweet potatoes! Mmm, with brown sugar and marshmallows! It seems like someone usually brings a green bean casserole but I wouldn't call it a mainstay of our holiday meal, it's usually an afterthought of someone who wanted to bring something "homemade". Not that it's not tasty in its own right, love those salty onion rings!