Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Year's end is near-Resolutions

I know, I KNOW! New Year's Resolutions are NOT a good idea. But that's only if you half-heartedly make them and don't have a plan. I have a plan!

My one big resolution as this year comes to a close is to keep up with mailing birthday and anniversary cards. Now is the time when I sit down and add all the birthdays and anniversaries to my new calendar. And in past years, I have let so many of those milestones slip by without even a call, let alone a nice card of gift. So this year I will be sending for each and every single one I put in my calendar. Do you want a birthday card next year? Anniversary card? Does your dog want a birthday card? Or a gotcha day card? Maybe you'd like an Arbor day card! Well, let me know so that it goes in the calendar. If it's not in the calendar, you will definitely NOT get a card!

I love to shop for stationery and cards, I love to MAKE cards! So I should USE them! I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of correspondence!

Besides that, my only other goal is to make more quilt blocks. I would like to commit to making one a day. That would make QUITE a few quilts in 2009! But I just don't think that is realistic, so I'm going with one a week, which will still finish up quite a few in-progress projects and start a few new ones. :)

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