Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last dog show of 2008

Our dog show season for 2008 has wound down to its close. This past weekend we were at our local club for their AKC rally and obedience trial.

Friday Night:
Rally Excellent B- perfect score! We were handed a second place ribbon. But, oh tragedy or tragedies, they had forgotten another person with a perfect score and better time than us so we exchanged it for a third place ribbon. Fine by us! A Q is a Q! Easy course, quick times. Friday is always casual and it was a nice time.

Saturday Morning:
Rally Excellent B- Not so perfect score but there were NO perfect scores in that class that day! 96 or out 100, not bad, but not good enough for a placement. I won't tell you the story from Saturday because it is a not-so-nice story about the judge and I don't want to sound like a grumpy Guss. A green ribbon is fine with me! Tougher course and the honor was in the MIDDLE of the ring, surrounded by the working dog's path!

Just one more leg to our RE title. Sully has to be in the B class because he already has his CD title. Therefore we are up against all the dogs that mainly already have their RE title and are working toward their 10 double Qs for their RAE. We aren't in any regular obedience anymore, mainly because I'm lazy and haven't started any distance work or retrieving. Our goal for next year will be to enter the Graduate Novice class at our Corgi Specialty. That may or may not happen though, depending on what Sully feels comfortable doing. It's not of great importance to me to continue on in obedience with him so if he doesn't like dumbbells or directed jumping, we might just skip it.


  1. What a good boy. He deserves an extra cookie for earning all of those ribbons, Jenna! Your 'mocktails' look delicious by the way. xo Cat ^..^

  2. That had to be the CUTEST dog show EVER! Somebody looks proud!