Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting spooky at work!

Another Halloween themed post for Living Locurto'sHalloween Blog Party! This time, for charity!

Our fall/Halloween Drop in and Decorate party was today! We decorated nearly 200 cookies for donation to the local shelter and we'll deliver them tomorrow. The lovely Lydia who heads up Drop In now had a blog for DI&D so go visit and say hi! And I encourage everyone to get a few friends together and decorate some cookies for a food pantry, shelter, or crisis center. Everyone has enjoyed the cookies we've donated so much, sometimes it's the simplest things that can brighten someone's day. A decorated cookie carries with it the time, effort and creativity you put into it and people can feel that. Here are some pictures from today's gathering.

Here are some of my fantastic coworkers hard at work.

This is our jumble of a conference table, full of cookies, frosting and decorating supplies. And here are all the lovely cookies. Well, not all, but some!


  1. Wowie zowie! You are a rock star! Thanks so much to everyone who decorated and donated cookies -- there will be smiles all around at the agency that receives them.

  2. I really appreciate your comment about how we not only need the basics in life, but we need the fun and the special treats, too. I'm really impressed with the great Drop In events you do!!

  3. Whoops, I meant to say, I appreciate the comments you made in your interview with Lydia over at the Drop In and Decorate site!