Thursday, August 28, 2008

A new pair of pants!

As Mary Ellen was quick to notice, CorgiPants has a fresh new look! How do you like it?

It went from "I need to freshen up, I'll make a new header image."

to "For a small fee, I could have someone make me a whole new template."

to "Heck, I can do that myself with a little research!!"

So here it is, 3 columns just like all the grown-ups! Please let me know if anything is amiss like text/link colors being a little weird or something out of place. New additions to the sidebars include an updated blogroll (please peruse and meet the neighbors), SwapDex button is now clickable (duh, why didn't I do that originally?) and a group profile widget for our new My Friend Dolls flickr group!


  1. Love the new look! May I ask where you got the template info? I need to freshen up my blog too, methinks! Will give a "shout out" (whoop whoop) to you when I'm done. :)

  2. Hey, look at snazzy you! It looks great! :) I'm loving it. Did you do the template yourself, or did you snag it from somewhere?

  3. Oh wow, this looks so super great!! What a huge difference!

  4. It looks so fantastic! I love it!

  5. "...just like the grown ups..."

    I hear ya.