Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take the plunge, update your own blog!

Several people have commented and emailed, curious about how I did what I did. So I'm going to give you some tips and websites. But I will preface this by saying this was my first time doing any major changes and I may not have done everything super-correctly! We will see if CorgiPants falls to shreds in the days to come, so far so good! (Sorry if this is way boring for those who either don't care or know way more than this!)

I started off with a free 3-column template from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates and tweaked it a bunch. She also has some great tutorials so check her out!

I made my own background image in photoshop using those awesome free fabric texture brushes I saw posted on Craftzine. Here's a little info on using an image as a background.

I made my own header in photoshop too, using from digital scrapbooking thingies like ribbon. Those stripes? I used the Random Stripe Generator, did a screen capture and then edited it in photoshop.

Bloggerbuster and Tips For New Bloggers are two great resources for tutorials.

My tips are:
Save your widgets before you do anything else. That Simply Fabulous lady mentioned previously has a tutorial on how to do this! Don't be surprised (be happy!) when some of them are able to transfer over automatically.

Make a test blog, perfect your code and then copy it all over and delete the test blog. Do not try things out on your actual blog, too much can go horribly wrong! Not that anything went wrong with CorgiPants, I made a test blog that started out looking really horrible and finished up like this! Ta da!

I was inspired by Colleen and her new blog, FreshBlogTips! I have a couple of other new things planned, including a weekly feature that involves a diary from the 40s!


  1. Ok. I downloaded the new "template" for blogger and I want to throw my lap top across the room... Like seriously! How do I add an HTML little button. you know the little cutsey ones ?

  2. Hi Brook! The easiest way to add cutesy buttons is through the page elements tab. Click on of the "Add a gadget" shaded boxes that show up on your layout. Then choose picture if it is a picture from your computer or website that you want to add, or click HTML/JavaScript if you already have the code and just want to plop it in. After you create the gadget, you can drag it and drop it where ever you want it on the page. Hope that helps! :)

  3. Extremely good advice about creating a "test blog" while you're hammering things out. Then again, I've been "testing" for 6 months off and on.....

  4. ok yes! thank you so much!!!