Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Super Busy Making Make-Do

I have been busy busy working to get the very first edition of the Make-Do Mail ready! Today I finished up the last little bits and just need to print them out! Hooray! I hope you're all ready for Zucchini recipes and gingham!

I got my Summer Sassy Apron Swap. My partner was tied up for a bit taking care of her mum in Mexico so it was a bit delayed but it is awesome! And it came with a bag of lovely cherry candy, green tea towels and two new spatulas which I used last night to make zucchini cupcakes with old -fashioned caramel frosting! Yummy! Thanks so much to Danezka for the lovely package!
Oh, and what's that sneaking into the picture? No, not the prominently displayed zucchini. It's Mike's newest toy, the Kitchen-Aid mixer he just bought and promised to make me cookies with every friday from now until eternity because he bought it without consulting me! We have a perfectly good hand mixer (Hamilton Beach) and stand mixer (Sunbeam). Here's a better look at the new giant:
I have yet to use it but he did make some pretty tasty chocolate chip-molasses cookies last week!

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