Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Doll Show and Tell

fridge and sink
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Oh dear. Sometimes days just don't go as we planned. I had planned an outdoor photo shoot with my two girls but wouldn't you know today was dreary and gloomy and no good. You see, today is the day of Faerie Window's Dolly Day. We were all to show off our dolls and I have to show you old pictures, how dreary, just like the day is today.

So here is a past picture of Astrid showing off her fridge and sink, so cute! Astrid is a Fisher Price My Friend Doll, a Jenny to be precise. I have two Jenny dolls, one's name is....Jenny! And this is Astrid. Jenny is a very simple girl, she likes plain dresses, aprons, leggings and solid colors. Astrid has green highlights in her hair and likes loud patterns, colorful shoes and lots of jewelry and ribbons! Jenny is my original My Friend Doll that I got for my 2nd birthday.

Astrid was an ebay purchase and what I really wanted from the lot she was in were the Fisher Price My Friend Doll clothes patterns that you used to be able to buy at the toy store. Now I can make them all sorts of new outfits and swap them with friends! But I'm glad I got another doll with the package deal because they both have VERY different personalities and it gives me an excuse to make all types of clothes for them!


  1. she is so sweet with her stove and fridge. Thanks for sharing her.


  2. =^..^= heehee

    I'm loving this post. It's gloomy today here too, chilly and I don't feel like doing what I should. I was just telling the bears to use their little washer to help the dolls with the laundry ... and ::poof:: here is another little laundress! We however, have not a dolly-bear sized frige, but an icebox instead. Better in which to keep the penguins. (what? where do YOU keep your penguins?)

    My little corgipants, Caila, ate an entire box of ginger cookies today. We were visiting a friend, and little miss sneaky went off on her own, found the cracker cupboard and helped herself. Yeppers. Carried off to the back bedroom, opened and ate the box ... All. By. Herself. Sheesh.

    Sully is a cutiepie. Caila agrees!
    Fun to see your little Jenny girl! Hope the weather gets sunny for you sooner than later.

    =^..^= love, zU

  3. She's very cute and I love her appliances:) Rachael

  4. Jenna, oh your little doll is so cute:) sorry i missed you yesterday, i went to bed quite early...thanks so much for playing and sharing Miss Astrid with us!!

  5. The dolls are lovely and the photo from your 2nd birthday is too cute! I still have alot of my dolls, barbies, my little ponies and toys at my moms house. Your posts make me want to go into the attic, find my dolls, change their clothes, brush their hair, and play for a little while :)

  6. Now Astrid is my kinda gal!! Wow, a wonderful fridge & sink, too!Thanks so much for sharing!

    Sully is adorable! My neice has 2 Corgi. I'll have to send her your blog link!

    Angelic Accents

  7. Sweet little doll and the stove is incredible!


  8. hey
    i saw your swap blog! So cool, i just posted my first swap this morning actually. How does one get their swap on your swap blog???


  9. Jenna, I just tagged you for an award! Check out my blog for details. :)