Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Corgi fix for the day

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Here's your tri-color corgi fix for the day. I LOVE moss and Sully is in one of my favorites parts of the new house, the moss brick courtyard outside the back door. We met with a landscape person yesterday and have formulated a plan for spring which includes taking out a tree, removing a shed and replacing it with a vegetable garden and pruning back some hedges quite a bit to give them a more sculptural feel. Sully's favorite part of the new yard is the LARGE open space to frap and chase tennis balls. He's not very fond of the walnut tree or all the walnuts underneath it, hard to walk for little legs when there are round things all over the ground!


  1. How exciting, cant wait to see pictures of the new garden!

  2. Corgi and moss! It's a good thing! :) I'm so happy for you and Sully that you have such a great space now for both of you! I'm totally jealous of you. I'll never be able to afford a place with that much land in the California housing market. :(