Thursday, September 13, 2007

Show us Your Sarnies!

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I don't think I ever posted about the recent sandwich swap I hosted at work. It was based on this Delicious Sandwich Social held in Brooklyn. Seven people came to swap sandwiches and we had some great variety, some homemade and some purchased! We had a seafood wrap, spicy roast beef with jalepenos, a salami, cheese and yellow pepper sandwich on rye, a Penn Station mushroom and artichoke sub, an Atlanta Bread Company roast beef sandwich, grilled pesto, tomato and mozzarella on ciabata and chunky peanut butter and banana on wonder bread. I made peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes and others brought chips to share. It was a nice little lunch group and I'm pretty sure we'll do it again.

Speaking of sandwiches, Marie is hosting a Show Us Your Sarnie blog event over at A Year from Oak Cottage. So here is my contribution:

The Delectable Grilled Cheese
This sandwich is inspired by a sandwich at a restaurant here in town, but with some modifications. The original sandwich is made with ingredients I don't normally have on hand so this version is a little more every-day.

2 slices thick white bread, or Challah bread if you've got it
Sharp cheddar cheese
Edam or Gouda cheese
Granny Smith or other tart apple
Strawberry, fig or blackberry jam

Slice the apple thinly. I like to chop the cheese into small 1/4 inch cubes mainly because I don't like to dirty a grater. If you leave it in slice form, it may heat and melt unevenly. Warm a pan. Spread bread with butter or margarine on both sides and place in pan. Once the first side is toasted, flip and spread jam onto one slice. Over the jam place the apple slices to cover the whole slice. Over this, sprinkle both cheeses and top with second slice of bread. Toast evenly to melt cheese and warm apple slices. Savor the tart apple, nutty-smooth Edam, sharp bite of the cheddar and the sweetness of the jam. Delicious!

And as a little bonus, another recipe for those really brave souls!
The Dairy Bar
This sandwich is named after the ice cream shop I worked at for several summers during high school. You were allowed, of course, to eat all the ice cream you wanted while you were working but at some point you stop wanting ice cream and want some real food. We also sold hot dogs and barbecue but I don't eat meat so I devised this sandwich as my savory lunch/dinner option while at work. The squishier the hot dog bun, the better! The pecans add protein and fat to keep your pumping out ice cream cones and milk shakes all day long.

1 hot dog bun
1 squirt mustard
2 TBsp sweet pickle relish
3 TBsp chopped pecans

Squirt the mustard all the way down the hot dog bun, spread relish onto one side and sprinkle pecans on top of both. Close and eat! Or heat for 5-10 seconds in the microwave if you'd like. The pecans mix nicely with the mustard and the relish adds a sweet note to compliment the mustard tang.


  1. That is one delicious looking sandwich Jenna! A great addition to the blogging event!!! Sounds like a wonderful thing to do at work too! You must work with a great crew!

  2. Your sarnie looks fab, Jenna! I love Marie's blogs...I'm working on my own sarnie entry for the contest...I better hurry! Happy Day :o)