Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chickens have feelings

I was watching Animal Cops the other night and while they were raiding a cockfight in Texas, one of the officers said the only two states where cockfighting is still legal are New Mexico and Louisiana so often Texas offenders will say they are only raising birds to use in fights in those states. I could not believe my ears, I had no idea cockfighting was legal in any state! So tonight I did a big of research and was happy to find out the New Mexico banned the "sport" just this past spring. And very recently Louisiana has also passed a law that will become effective in August 2008. Can you imagine that cockfighting was still legal in two states this time last year? It's been illegal in the UK for over 150 years! Unfathomable!

The picture is an illustration of one of my favorite breeds of chicken, the Cochin. They have feathered feet and are a very sweet, puffball of a chicken!

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