Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Furry Child

shirted sully
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The corgi in CorgiPants is Sully, our furry son. Yes, I know he's a dog. And we do treat him like a dog when it's important to. But it's easy to treat such a well-mannered, gentle dog like a furry little kid. He gets a cookie at bedtime, has a boatload of toys, goes on vacation with us and is in general one of the most pampered corgis you're likely to meet. He deserves it, not only because he is a gentleman but because he spent three years of his life in less-than-ideal conditions. We adopted Sully from a Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue. He had been part of a breeding pair surrendered by the owner who failed to make money on his backyard corgi operation. From what the person who picked him up saw, Sully slept outside on straw with no collar, no toys and no mommy or daddy who make sure he gets his afternoon snack before his nap. He's moved on up (to the east side) and never looked back.

Sully is not just our pet, he is my partner in competition. He has impeccable manners and is in general very reserved and gentle. He has his Canine Good Citizen certificate and two Rally Obedience titles so far. We are now competing at the second level in APDT and AKC Rally and have started dabbling in freestyle (dog dancing).

Sully has a Dogster page. You can visit him by clicking the Dogster button over at the right.

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