Thursday, July 26, 2007

First entry

I've created this blog to keep in touch with online pals and have a place to post about swaps, crafts, corgipants and more.

My swap-bot profile tells you more than you likely wanted to know:
Hi! I'm Jenna! I am 26 and live in central IL with my super-fantastic husband Mike and our houseload of pets. We have a 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi name Sully, a fat cat named Red Army and a very large goldfish named Roswita. We have no kids and no plans for kids.

I am fond of corgis, ponies, aprons, pyrex dishes, Sanrio/San-X, knit, crochet, kanzashi, miniatures, amigurimi, vintage cookbooks, stuffies, dayplanners, tiny plastic animals and people, picture books, stickers, scrapbooking/cardmaking, vegetarian cooking, and baking (mainly sweets). I work in a library, go home for lunch everyday like the weird kid at school and try to restrain my bulging dayplanner (color-coded and with many post-its). On my off time, I enjoy vegetable and flower gardening, nature walks, obedience training my dog (and volunteering with the 4-H dog training club), and making crafts for my favorite charity, Corgi-Aid! I wear size 18 (XL) clothing, size 10 shoes, glasses and I have pierced ears. I like being early, writing in purple pen, wearing skirts with sneakers, and getting the most lovely packages in the mail thanks to swap-bot and my many buddies around the globe! Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I narrate my life in my head. Mind you, it's in first person so I don't think it's that odd. My dog and I walk every day, rain or shine, and in my head our adventures are legendary. I drive the cutest car imaginable: a Toyota Yaris. I love playing DDR. I have straight teeth thanks to years of orthodontics. I also like stickers, penpals, craft clubs, no drama, chocolate candy and pretending!

My husband and I collect salt and pepper shakers, but only if they are anthropomorphic vegetable people. We also collect food brand icons (Tony the Tiger, Aunt Jemina, etc.) I collect the stickers that come on fruits and vegetables and will love you if you send me a few! Do I know what I'm going to do with them? No. But I keep them in a little book, kind of like a victorian scrapbook. I also really like miniature food like Rement and Megahouse! I don't wear makeup. My favorite color combos are pink/red/orange/yellow, pink/brown, light blue/brown and red/turquoise.

I grew up on a farm outside a very small town. I rode mules, raised show rabbits, butchered (yes, for eating) chickens and other animals, got around in a golf cart, and was in 4-H and FFA. My graduating class was 41 people. I was also on the school paper, in the school play, and on the Scholastic Bowl team. I was not a Mathlete. I have a Bachelor's degree in Leisure Studies. I am serious about recreation!

I do not follow/read horoscopes. I don't like stand-up comedians, tattoos, fireworks, animal cruelty or runny eggs.

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