Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tune in.

This Friday, the Oprah show will be about puppy mills. Thanks to a billboard placed by Main Line Animal Rescue of Pennsylvania, this topic is getting some greatly-needed mainstream media attention. (Lancaster county, Pennsylvania has the highest concentration of puppy mills of any county in the US, but Missouri has more then any other state.) If you know of someone in the market for a puppy (and are worried they may be tempted by an online puppy or a pet store) suggest they tune in on Friday for the whole story.


  1. Nice!

    My pup is from a puppy mill ... and I got her from a pet store ... Why? She was 5 months old and about to be euthanized for being too old to be sold!! So wrong.

    Then I called the local Humane Society and got them shut down for their treatment of their animals. Heartbreaking what happens to animals sometimes.

  2. Hi, Jenna - do you think people who like thrifting also like corgis? I was thrilled to see the name of your blog. I've got a Brittany (from the Brittany rescue folks) but I love corgis. Barbara at Oodles and oodles

  3. I had a pug named Dexter. He died way to early from a brain disorder probably from inbreeding. I traced his birth back to Ohio - you guessed it - an Amish puppy mill. I cried my eyes out when I watched Oprah. I hope that show opened up people's eyes to how important it is to only patronize reputable breeders (who interview you to make certain their "baby" is going to have a good life) or find a rescue pet. I pray people will do better now that they know better.