Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Therapy Dog Dot part 2

Dot had her very first Therapy Dog visit last week at our local University. During finals week, they schedule Therapy dogs to de-stress the students in the libraries around campus. (This is one of our ten supervised visits so our regional coordinator was with us the whole time.)
Dot greeted well over 100 students, who petted, kissed, photographed and complimented her.
We were scheduled to be there for one hour but just after 45 minutes of non-stop attention, Dot started to tell me she was ready to call it a day. Luckily the large horde was starting to disperse and we had smaller groups to deal with near the end.
When she was ready to go home, she got up on a chair and looked at me like "Shoof, what a day!"  She really enjoyed her time with everyone but I was glad I had only signed up for one hour and not two.  I think the large amounts of people demanded a lot from Dot, she was "working" at visiting everyone and giving everyone attention non-stop.  I learned a lot on this first visit.  Next time I will give her an outside break away from everyone halfway through.  And I like that she decided a chair would be a good safe place to retreat to, I think I will always make sure we have an empty chair nearby so she can always know she has a spot where she can get away from all the hands.
Two other (more experienced) Therapy Dogs were at the library that day. Lilly the Goldendoodle.
And Argus the Rottweiler.

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