Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Orthopedic Pet Beds

Dot is now around 6 and before she got much older, I wanted to make sure we have comfy places to lay down.  The dogs are crated at night so I also wanted to make sure the beds they were on were as comfortable as possible as she ages.
Knowing that I wanted to scatter them around the house (which is mostly hardwood floors), I needed quite a few.  I am very frugal and even the cheapest orthopedic pet beds are kind of pricey when I know they are just foam covered in a little fabric. 
 My solution:
Buy an orthopedic foam mattress pad, cut it to size and make my own covers.  I bought my mattress pad from Walmart, and had it shipped to the store for free to save on shipping.  With some creative cutting, I got five medium-sized dog beds out of a twin mattress pad.  I had the fleece that I used to sew the covers on hand, but even if you had to include the fabric cost, I got five dog beds for under $50.  A BARGAIN when one can easily cost that much!
My covers are not zippered.  I make them the same way you would make a decorative pillow slipcover, with overlapping flaps in the back so the fleece covers slip on and off easily for washing.
The dogs really like them!  When they are hanging out in either my crafting room or my husband's office, they will almost always choose to lay on a bed rather than the wood floor (can you blame them?).  And in some rooms where we have blankets on the floor, they much prefer these beds over a plain blanket.


  1. We did that, too!!! I didn't make my own covers, though! I just unstuffed our cheap dog beds that we already had and my husband cut the mattress down to size. I can't believe people will pay over $100 for an orthopedic dog bed, when you can get the same thing at Walmart and make your own and have a bunch! Our foam mattress made 3 medium to large dog beds and they are over 4 inches thick! Nice and cushy!

    1. Not only that but they pay $100 for a bed from a catalog and then they pay outrageous shipping as well! Not in my budget! Good to know I'm not alone.