Friday, August 29, 2014

Awesome and Cheap Pet Tags from PetTags4Less (Review)

I have ordered several times now from Pettags4less and each time I was really pleased with the tags I got!  I have ordered tags for my own dogs as well as tags for identifying 4-H equipment and they have all proven to be durable, well-made and very customizable.
Taco and Dot wearing their tags.
I was a little worried the first time I opened a package from Pettags4less.  The aluminum tags felt very lightweight and the custom wording seemed to be painted on.  Bust rest assured, it is NOT painted on!  The information is laser engraved into the aluminum and does not rub off, even after years of everyday wear.  This picture shows a selection of the aluminum tags I've ordered.  The silver one is the first tag I ordered for Taco and it shows that it is pointless to order a silver tag because the laser engraving does NOT show up well.  Learn from my mistake (at least it was a cheap mistake), order a colored tag! 

Watch the tags being engraved in this video:

I have only purchased the aluminum tags and have been very happy with them.  Their aluminum tags are available for as little as $2.29 each and they offer daily deal tags each day for $1.98!  But they also have a ton of other fun tag types, like their Designer Pet Tags (with or without QR code), Nickel and Gold plated tags, and photo tags engraved with your picture.  And they've got blingy tags!  Shipping is always free, no matter the size of your order.  And rescues get a discount, just register for a Wholesale (Rescue) account.

Disclaimer: The links in this post are referral links.  If you click, register and make a purchase, I earn a small amount of credit toward more fun tags!  So thanks for clicking, registering and buying!  I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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