Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Crafting

I've been up to some crafting, mainly for the dogs.  We have a couple of traditions in our family. One is that everyone, even pets, have stockings.  So since this is the first Christmas for both Dot and Taco to spend with us, they both go new stockings.
Another tradition is that every pet gets an ornament.  When they get hung on the tree, we get to remember good times with lost pets.  Here are Dot and Taco's ornaments, they are just wood frame ornaments with scrapbook paper on them.
Here are some other pet ornaments from years past.

They are both getting new crate pads for Christmas.  Dot's is cushy foam covered in cute pink houndstooth.  Taco can't be trusted with foam so his is quilted with layers of fleece to make it nice and thick but still (hopefully) more chew resistant.
Taco also got a new coat because when it got below zero, he didn't want to go outside in the mornings!

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