Friday, July 27, 2012

Especially Canadian

There were surprisingly very few things we found on our short trip to Canada that seemed uniquely Canadian.  Sure, they have some different products than the US but a lot of them seemed to stem from their British ties instead of being authentically Canada-based. 

Maple-Everywhere you went, you could find maple-flavored things.  Donuts, fudge, drinks, cookies.

Raisin Pie/butter pie-This was mentioned on a website as being a Canadian food, but the ones I found were horrendous snack-cake packaged gloopy corn-syrup mini-pies.  I passed on them.

Smarties-These are UK, not Canadian but I DID enjoy them!

Casinos-Wow, it was most likely the area we were in but there seem to be casinos and signs for casinos all over!

Real Canadian Superstore-I was hoping this would be a good place to find some unique items but it was really disappointing.  It kind of made it clear that Canada is pretty much just a more northern USA as far as groceries go.  Macaroni and Cheese IS called Kraft Dinner, though.

Tim Hortons-Just as Dunkin Donuts were thick in the East, Tim Hortons were just about everywhere in Canada.  And their donuts were WAY better!


  1. I am sorry to hear that you did not find a good rasin pie or butter tart. They are just every where at the farmers markets and small local restraunts and are sooooooooooooo good We still make them for all of our family gettogethers

  2. I have never been to Canada yet!! I will have to look for those things when we go!