Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Protein Powder Review #9 Spiru-Tein

Spiru-Tein- These have a blend of non-GMO rice protein, pea protein, and both non-fermented and fermented soy protein. The ingredient list is pretty long thanks to the added vitamins and they are sweetened with fructose. These are pretty high in carbs so they're more of a meal replacement than a protein powder. They do offer a Simply Natural line of unsweetened mixes that have only 5g carbs per scoop but haven't tried them.  Note that Spiru-tein is NOT vegan because it contains bee pollen.  Here's a great post at Peas and Thank You about vegan protein powders.

Calories per scoop:100
Protein per scoop: 14g
Carbs per scoop: 11g

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl-I mixed this with water even though the directions say milk or juice. This was still drinkable, but chalky. Less chalky than Sun Warrior but more chalky than Nutribiotic Rice Protein. Hardly any peanut butter flavor, mostly like chocolate.
Cookies and Cream-I made this flavor into protein cheesecake minis and they were delicious!  (Note-this recipe was made before April so it was not vegan.)

Vanilla- Good vanilla flavor, a little artificial and a little sweet but it makes a good addition to recipes like protein balls or protein cookies, and is great in smoothies!
Chocolate- Light chocolate flavor, this was great in smoothies with blueberries and frozen banana.  I also used it in a no bake protein cookie and it wasn't chalky at all.

$16.35 for 16 servings=$1.02 per serving or 7 cents per gram of protein

Overall Rating: Whip (6 out of 10)  This powder worked great in recipes and comes in a TON of great flavor. I wish they had more of their awesome flavors available with less sugar so I am rating it a smidge below Nutribiotic.

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