Monday, November 28, 2011

101 things to do with Egg Whites

Ok, not really 101. But enough to keep you from dreading eggs for a few days! As a vegetarian attempting Body for Life, I ate around 6 eggs every day and it can get VERY repetitive. But if you aren't afraid to get a little creative, eggs can really turn into a lot of different meals.

1-Egg white oatmeal-cook oatmeal as usual and whisk egg whites into hot oatmeal while it's still on the stove. It turns fluffy and lovely, delicious!

2-Egg white scramble with vegetables-I like to start off my veggies first in a skillet (onion, green pepper, tomato and zuchhini is a favorite mix of mine but even frozen veggies work in a pinch.) then pour egg whites over the sauted veggies and scramble all together.

3-Egg white souffle mini cakes-the trick with these is to cook them long enough so that the egg sets and doesn't completely deflate when you take them out of the oven.

4-Hard boiled egg whites-I eat these with just a little black pepper, or get fancy and put a little dollop of hummus into each one like deviled eggs!

5-Egg white crust pizza-LOVE the texture of the whipped egg whites!

6-Protein pancakes-I experimented with several recipes but the only one I deemed edible was the egg white, oatmeal and cottage cheese version (with NO protein powder). Whiz in blender, fry up in skillet and eat! Also good as waffles!

7-Egg tacos-I do these two ways, either add a bit of taco seasoning while you're scrambling you egg whites OR I like to make some taco-seasoned TVP, then add that the my egg whites while scrambling.

8-Scrambled egg whites in a tortilla or pita-scramble us egg whites with any veggies you like and eat it as a sammich!

9-Fluffy, creamy Egg whites recipe- Whisk 6 egg whites with 1 tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese.

10-Curried Egg Whites-Scramble up some egg whites and add curry powder and any veggies you'd like.

11-Whole wheat pasta with hard boiled egg whites and veggies-I like this cold so I use left-over pasta, add vegetables, chopped egg whites and just a splash of salad dressing or even just a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese. Kind of like a pasta cobb salad, sans meat.

12-Chocolate Peanut Butter Souffle-haven't tried this yet

13-Huevos Rancheros de Blancos-Cook up some egg whites, add salsa on top and serve on a tortilla. Layer the eggs with salsa and strips or tortilla and bake it (or just heat it in the microwave if you're like me) for chilaquiles!

14-BFL French toast

15-Zucchini and egg fritters- 1 and 1/2 cups grated zucchini (squeezed of liquid and VERY well dried), 3 egg whites, 1 Tbsp baking mix and seasonings of your choice (I like Tony Chachere's salt-free), fry up in non-stick pan and top with greek yogurt

16-Egg white Frittata made with spaghetti squash in place of spaghetti or potatoes

17-Microwave egg whites in a mug (a la Hungry Girl)(and here are a few more)

18-Crustless quiche

19-Large lettuce salad with hard boiled egg whites

20-Poached egg over brown rice

21-Protein Pumpkin Pie Mini-Souffles

22-Egg white salad-instead of mayonnaise,use plain greek yogurt, add in a little chopped pickle and onion, some black pepper and garlic powder, eat over crackers or on bread/tortilla

23-Martha's Egg White and Avocado salad

24-"fried" rice scramble-Saute some veggies, add 1/2 cup cooked rice to the pan and top with egg whites, scrambling together as the eggs cook.

25-Check out Shelly's Bites! She's got over 30 ideas for mini crustless quiche bites!

26-The famous Fudge Protein Muffin

27-BFL Spicy Scrambled Eggs

28-Eggs in a basket-place pieces of pita or tortilla in muffin tin to make little cups for eggs

29-Egg quesadilla-a cracked egg sticks to the tortilla while it cooks!

30-Polenta Egg Casserole

31-Crepes-with a filling of cottage cheese and vegetables, I don't really have a recipe for this, I just go off a regular crepe recipe and add extra egg whites and put in only a few Tablespoons of oat flour or whole wheat flour.

32-Eggs on Hash Skillet

33-Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza)-go light on the flour, heavy on the egg whites (or call it Egg Foo Young if you'd rather go Chinese)

34-Fruity Oat Frittata-A little strange-sounding but really quite tasty!

35-Pasta Mama-I make this with one serving of pasta and 4 egg whites, SO GOOD!

Need more? Here is a SUPER post with a whole lot more ideas for eggs.

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  1. as far as the egg in a cup recipes go, my mom always got frustrated with the egg sticking to the cup until she realized she could Pam the inside before she put in the egg! No sticking, crusty mess :)