Thursday, August 11, 2011

BFL TMI (Too much info about Body for Life)

I am going to be dreadfully honest here. Maybe too honest! (This post reminds me of something Charlotte would write! Which is not a knock at all, I wish I was as awesome a blogger as she is! She cracks up!) But this post is for anyone who found themselves googling things like "Body for Life betwetting" or "Body for Life bowel movements". (Please don't make fun of me, I am taking one for the team here! My confidence was bolstered by Nicole's post about her issue with #2. )

Will she or won't she?
First up, vomit! This is a two-parter. First of all, during my 20MAS interval workouts, I almost always feel like I'm going to puke at intensity level 10. Perhaps that's how you know you're at level 10?! Haven't puked yet, though! Knock on wood!

Secondly, my body seems to HATE free day! Week one I ate a large dinner and some sweets and that night I was seriously hurting. I had really bad pain just below my ribcage and was nauseous. Week two I ate a big (nasty) mexican food dinner and some sweets and the next day I was nauseous and had some bad gas pains. I had a couple of good weeks without feeling my stomach contents in my throat and then BOOM, it was back to nearly heaving after eating a lovely pizza and cupcake splurge meal.

H2O Overload
Body for Life made me pee the bed! Let me set up the situation. After drinking a TON of water with my two evening meals, I made my way toward the bathroom to do the usual pee and brush my teeth. It was chilly and I wasn't quite ready to drop my drawers so I brushed my teeth first, and out of habit I walked to the bedroom and got into bed. Yes, I FORGOT to pee. Next thing I know I'm dreaming that I'm in the bathroom and woke to find myself, yes, wetting the bed! Just a little bit! Please don't think I'm some sort of 30 year old bet-wetter! But now the rule is no water after 9:30!! If you enjoyed that story, don't miss this entire post about pee over at The Great Fitness Experiment!

Are you Human or Rodent?
So while I'm on the toilet about 6-8 times a day to pee, the other side of the coin is a dramatic reduction in number two production. Since the very first week, my "number twos" have been like rabbit droppings. (scaled up for a human-sized body, of course) I'm pooping pellets here! I'm not constipated or in pain, I've just upped my protein and eat less fluffy carbs, leading to a more succinct "end product". Now that I think about it, not only rodents poo like that. Sheep and goats and deer also have nice little BB-shaped poos (chocolate chips, as we called them on the farm).

So there you have it. Way too much information about Bodily Functions on Body for Life. If you want more bodily function talk, check out one of Charlotte's best poop-related post here!

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  1. So reading this totally made me have to pee! And if it makes you feel better, I have peed the bed in pretty much the exact same manner you just described. I was 30 years old and I wet the bed. (And I too dreamed I was in the bathroom!) Thank you for sharing your own bodily function hilarity (and for the link love)!!
    PS. I've done 2 cycles of BFL and I loved it!!