Monday, June 27, 2011

Lilac tree!

This tree in our backyard has gone misidentified too long. When we first moved in, it was frozen February and we really couldn't tell what was in the yard. But we wanted to start planning the yard and garden so I had a landscape person come out and identify the trees, shrubs and such so we could decide what to keep and what to sack. In the dead of winter, he told us this was an ornamental cherry tree. No, I realized this summer, it is a quite fragrant Japanese tree lilac! How long did I lament that the old lilac to the side of the house did not bloom once spring came around. "I wish I had a lilac!" I would say. You'd also think the smell would have given it away!Now, once it bloomed, I really should have realized that is was NOT an ornamental cherry tree. But that hasn't stopped me from calling it that for the past couple of years! Now does this look like a cherry tree to you?I planted this little bed of hostas and ribbon grass around it's base and it looks quite nice. Now I'll celebrate it, the lilac that I wanted for so long and it was staring me in the face each spring!


  1. love the pictures my grandmother had plants such as these around her tree like yours come visit me at

  2. Oooh Japanese tree lilac?! It must smell SO lovely! It certainly looks beautiful!