Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Planting

As in past years, I started my seeds indoors! It's so nice to see little bits of green poking through, caring for them each day and knowing that we'll hopefully get a bumper crop of tomatoes with all the varieties we started this year!This year I increased my setup with another aquarium hood light! Thank you, Habit for Humanity Re-Store! Here's the breakdown of the trays:
13 x Paste Tomato from Daniel
15 x Yellow Tomato (probably Nebraska wedding but can't be certain)
18 x Red Zebra Tomato
12 x Beefsteak Tomato
27 x Red Fig Tomato
27 x Santa Fe Pepper
27 x Green Bell Pepper
12 x Basil (regular and Globe)
24 x Rosa Bianca Eggplant
4 x Brussels Sprouts
13 x Listada de Gandia Eggplant

And I'll be starting parsley, cucumber and more brussels sprouts a little later on. Do these numbers sound crazy? I sell all my extras to co-workers so no worries about wasted plants. :) I can only fit a fraction of these into my garden but if I have the space, I might as well start as many as I can!


  1. Fantastic! I used to garden like that alas not enough room/sun here. Very exciting!

  2. how fun to have a garden!! I have considered doing one on our balcony, but I travel so much I'm afriad it wouldn't last

  3. Good job! I've got seeds started as well. Here's to good tomatoes this summer!