Friday, July 2, 2010

Garden eats!

Hello, all! Here is a recent picture of me in front of some sort of airplane motor part. :) Not at all related to this post other than to show that I am down to my slimmest weight yet and I'm so excited it's summer!

One of my weekly challenges this summer was to eat no processed foods. It was hard but I loved it! And I'm still trying to limit the added sugar and such from processed foods. Summer makes it so easy because I have all the fresh veggies and herbs I could ask for!! So I've been eating meals like this:
With some green onions, chives and cilantro from my garden I made a tabbouleh salad. I read the instructions and could not believe you don't even have to cook the bulger, you just soak it in water!! What a perfect summer dish! (I had made tabbouleh before but I used quinoa instead of bulgar and had to cook the quinoa beforehand.)I made this summer squash medley with tomatoes from a recipe in Taste of Home Healthy Cooking. It was slightly Italian-tasting and I've eaten it by itself and also put it in an omelet this morning!I had a hankering for popsicles so I made peach honey yogurt pops. Three simple ingredients and they are heavenly!

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