Friday, April 16, 2010

Basement to fitness center!

I'd love to get some ideas for turning my basement into more of a fitness room! Right now it's pretty bare, white walls and a black and white linoleum floor. This picture shows the North side of the room with holiday storage, which can stand to be cleaned up a little more! The ceiling is just tall enough to raise my arms and the tips of my fingers graze the dropped ceiling tiles. So no trampoline or jumping rope down there! Here is the equipment I already own:
balance ball
Aerobic step with risers
6 and 10 pound hand weights
resistance bands
yoga mats

Do you think I am missing anything vital? Or do you have a favorite that's not on my list?
This picture shows the south side, with patio furniture that will go outside soon and Christmas tree which can easily be moved. You can see my New(to me) treadmill! And one of my favorite parts of the basement, the East windows. I LOVE the sunlight in here in the morning and morning is usually when I work out! It streams in and you can just see out the windows when you stand up so you can watch it rise up above the trees!

So, fitness folks! I need ideas! The floor will most likely stay but I can cover part of it with some type of rubber/foam matting. I would like to paint one or more walls an energizing, sunny color. I have a wall outside the staircase that has pegboard from floor to ceiling, so that will be hanging storage for bands and such and I think that might be a good spot for the chalkboard I've been dreaming of! How would you decorate your ultimate home gym?


  1. Fun! I'm jealous of the fun room. i loooove step aerobics too. I'm afraid it's getting less popular which is scary!

  2. I think you have a great start on your workout area! You already have a nice selection of equipment - and I'm jealous of your higher ceilings (which I lack!) and natural light! (check out the Gym tab at the top of my site for pics) If you decide to get more dumbbells, I highly recommend checking out the adjustable kinds available - saves a lot of space. ;)