Thursday, March 25, 2010

Many very short thoughts

I pruned the blackberry bushes yesterday and should have worn thicker gloves!

It's raining today and that makes me slightly mopey.

But it did force me to use my VERY OWN treadmill again this morning. I think I'm going to forever type it like that because I'm very excited to have my VERY OWN treadmill.

Annual physical this morning confirmed that my scale at home is very accurate:178 pounds. And my blood pressure was BEYOND normal! 110 over 60! With a family history of hypertension and cardiac episodes, I am so happy to be in the green!!! I credit exercise, very moderate caffeine intake, and a vast increase in the amount of oatmeal I eat!

I'm very excited to go hear John Bingham speak at our local library tonight! I'm going to get jazzed for the Penguin in the Park 5K I'm running on Saturday! My first 5K of 2010!


  1. Great job!! Good luck on your 5K. You are going to do great!

  2. Thanks for entering my giveaway! I did have the wrong date... I meant Tuesday the 30th and that's been fixed. Thank you for noticing that :)

    Good luck on your 5K and HOORAY for a good physical! :)