Monday, March 8, 2010

MakeDo Mercantile Update!

Want to help me reach my funding goal of $300 for the St. Jude relay in August? I just added a ton of new items to my Etsy shop! Some fun Easter items like these vintage decorations:
The crochet book I'm currently using to make my Irish Rose Doily (I somehow came to own two of the same Star Book no. 64!):
Three lots of vintage doll clothes, which I think would look adorable on some little girl's wall as art!
And I've relisted some readymade pinnies at a new lower price! The entire price of all of these items goes straight into my St. Jude envelope and will get turned in in July before the race.


  1. This is most awesome of you !! May I post about it on my blog with a link to this post?

  2. Please do, Mama Feoneafey! Thanks!

  3. Hi Jenna! I wanted to Let you know that I posted about you here:

    I hope that it is o.k. that I used the photo of your corgi you made the dogster badge with. ( if not please let me know and i will alter my post how ever you like).I linked it to this post on your site in my post about your funding goal of $300 for St. Jude . Hope it Helps! I have my eye on one of those pinnies. those are so Cute!
    Ma Fey