Thursday, July 9, 2009

Am I famous now?

I was recognized! At the Dog Training Club the other night (after our very LAST 4-H training class for the year), one of the club's instructors and I struck up a conversation and it came up that I had a Corgi and she asked if I had a blog! Turns out she recognized my name from exhibiting at the County Fair, knew the blog from the post I wrote about exhibiting and put two and two together! Smart lady! So hi, if you're reading!

Speaking of the County Fair, it is only a few short weeks away! So far I have completed my doily, a knit capelet, a dress from this pattern, and my entry for the "craft made from recyclables" category. No, I'm not telling! Then everyone and their mom will steal my brilliant idea! Next up on the crafting list are a Halloween banner decoration, a stuffed toy and a quilt if I can get my act together!

The sad part is that I won't be able to take my items myself. My wonderful husband has volunteered to tote everything over there on Saturday morning because the dog and I need to get over to Bloomington for a Graduate Novice obedience practice session at their Show N Go that day. But I will get to go later that day, after the judging, to see if I won any ribbons. And take pictures, of course!


  1. Good luck on your class.. I hope you win the Blue. I can't wait to see what you created ;)

  2. You have certainly been busy with projects!!! And still have time to train with your dog? That is wonderful use of time - great management!

  3. Isn't that neat, being recognized as a blogger by a reader - in real life? Congrats!
    And good luck with the class!

  4. It was delightful to meet and chat with you. Hope to see you around the "club" more often!!