Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dog event update and Chewy review

Taco's Beginner Novice Title

Taco earned his BN on September 12!  We went over to a club he'd never been to so it was an adventure.  Beginner Novice first, went ok.  Only a little bobble on the recall, when he decided after he came to me, to go around me and visit the lovely stewards sitting behind me!  Then we tried to get our title in Rally Advanced and totally failed right out of the gate because as I crossed into the ring, I realized I still had string cheese in my pocket.  I told the judge and gave it to someone outside the ring but with that, we were NQd.  He still let us run the course, though!

Dot's Second Ever Agility Trial

Dot had her second ever (and first ever outdoor) agility trial and was a star!  No qualifying runs but she was with me most of the time, trying to do what her flailing, newbie handler was trying to tell her to do.  It was probably a little soon to start trialing for real, we are currently in an AWESOME handling class and I ohpe we improve tremendously before our next trial, which won't be until spring.

The Treats That We Had At These Events once again provided us with some treats to try out and review here.  This time around, it was Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Real Steak Patties Dog Treats.  These were superb!!  They were pliable and tore into nice-sized pieces BUT didn't crumble into nothing in my pocket.  They also weren't horribly greasy.  These are both important as our current agility class is on soccer turf and we can't have crumbly or greasy treats.  These worked perfectly!  Both Dot and Taco loved them, worked well for them and didn't get tired of them!

Disclosure: provided me with one package of treats to review.  I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions are all mine and the dogs'.  :) 

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