Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Dog (and Cat) Sitting!

I've mentioned DogVacay before, it's a great way to meet fun dogs and their people and make a little pocket money on the side.  I have a full time day job so I don't have guest dogs at my house all the time, but when we're able, we take in boarders and I also do care visits at the pet's home if they'd rather stay in their own house.

Another reason I love hosting dogs is that I get to see different dogs interacting.  Watching my dogs (who I know generally how they will respond) and other dogs I'm not as familiar with is a great learning experience and sometimes  it's almost like watching nature programs on tv.  Whether they are indoors and trying to get each other to play or outside and discovering new territory, I really enjoy watching dogs use their body language and voices to communicate with each other and having guest dogs is a great (and safe) way to do this.  Much safer than dog parks or trying to observe dogs on leash walks trying to communicate.

Here are some of our more recent visitors!
Taco made fast friends with this little cutie!  She is destined for agility greatness as her owner is a pretty awesome trainer and competitor.
Leo is BIG and lovable and super relaxed.
More fun with these big fluffies!  I am a regular at their house and they've just recently added a fourth!
Lucy was a well-mannered guest (for the most part) but was a little demanding.  She has NEEDS!
Riley was a joy to have at our house!  He really enjoyed swimming in our dog's kiddie pool, and he liked getting dried off even more!
Sometimes I get to watch cats!  Sneakers is an adorable PETITE little sweetie.
I couldn't get enough of Triton's eyes, he is just a young guy but gorgeous!
Another friend who really enjoyed our pool, Rex is also a BIG baby who hasn't quite grown into his big boy body yet.

This is Yoli, who is a regular.  And she LOVES this toy with a passion so she's easy to entertain.


  1. Very fun!! I've thought of hosting on doggyvacay too, i've heard great things from all sides. :-)

    1. It is super fun! I would totally recommend it. I love that I get to decide who stays here or not (a few people have gotten angry at me because I require that dogs be crate trained, but hey, it's not house!), when I'm available or not available and what I charge. DogVacay takes a 15% cut but provides insurance that covers both guest and host's animals so it's worth it to me.