Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June World CynoSport Rally trial

Rally is fun!  The people are fun, the activity is fun, it's low stress and casual and I really enjoy it.  But I still want to do well.  I don't want to just drag my dog around a course with air cookies and try to get by with a passing score.  I want my runs to flow and I want to feel like my dog is interested and engaged and enjoying it as much as I do.

The two dogs I have right now kind of put up with Rally.  Dot thinks heeling is awesome as long as you never stop.  What is rally but one long sequence of stops?  So it's not her favorite thing.  Taco does not yet have the endurance in heeling to really flow through a course.  Every stop throws him off and I have to re-engage before we take off again or else we will NOT be heeling together or anywhere near each other!  I think he'll really like rally once we have the duration and teamwork in heeling that we haven't yet built.
Despite Taco not yet having the heeling skills, I debuted him in level2 (off leash) this weekend.  He did ok.  Ok enough to get two Qs and two second places.  But they are not runs I felt really stellar about.  But that isn't why I'm not showing you videos.  I am showing you the only run that I remembered to ask someone to video!  Dot earned two first places and her Level 3 title!

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