Monday, July 27, 2015

Agility and Rally recaps

Dot got a second place and a first place in Novice Preferred JWW 16".
July 18 and 19 AKC Agility Trial

Dot's very first agility trial!  Very exciting and super fun, what a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere this trial had.  It was our club's summer trial and only offered Novice and Open levels so it's a little less competitive and very newbie-friendly.  Dot ended up with two Qs in Jumpers with Weaves!  Standard and FAST were all good runs but not quite Q worthy.

One of our JWW runs:

Here's a Standard run where I forget to do the teeter (next to last obstacle):

July 25 and 26 AKC Rally Trial

Our club started doing AKC Rally as a stand-alone trial and we offer two trials each day, which is a lot.  I was the Chair of this year's rally trials which just means I get really nervous and hope everything goes off without a hitch and everyone is happy!  And everyone was happy!  Dot completed her Rally Advanced title.  And Taco got his first two Qs in the Advanced class. 

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