Friday, December 12, 2014

Therapy Dog Dot part 1

I made Dot her own vest in her colors!
Dot and I just finished up taking a Therapy Dog Prep Class.  We practiced all kinds of things like passing by treats on the ground, greeting people in wheelchairs, ignoring loud and obnoxious people and putting up with clumsy petting.  Most of the people in our class will be testing with Pet Partners (Delta) but I investigated other organizations in our area.  We have several options:

Pet Partners (formerly Delta)-The local evaluator is a member of our Dog Training Club so this is most handy.  This organization requires you to take on online course before you can take the in person test with your dog.  I was not impressed with their website or the online course layout.  Their test is extensive and you are required to re-test every 2 years, which I think is a brilliant idea.  But it is also a bit pricey once you factor in the online course, the test and registration fees.

Therapy Dogs International (TDI)-This organization is a bit polarizing.  If you join, they do not allow you to be part of ANY other organization including local groups.  We have a nearby evaluator and their testing process seems straightforward.  This is in my top two.  Some local teams are registered with them because Pet Partners does not allow you to feed your dog a raw diet and TDI does.  Dot passed the TDI test recently and even though I may not end up sending in her forms, I found it comforting that we were deemed capable by this prestigious organization.

Love on a Leash (LOAL)-This was one I had not heard of before but someone in a nearby town is starting a local chapter.  Right now they only have cats in the local group and are interested in getting dogs involved too.  However, their test is very basic and can be performed by any CGC evaluator.  After your test, you are required to do 10 supervised visits which I think is great, but also seems slightly difficult to coordinate.  This is in my top two.

Therapy Dogs Incorporated (TDInc.)-According to their website, we have a local evaluator in a nearby town but after many attempts, I was not able to get in touch with her.  So much for that option.

Is your dog registered as a therapy dog?  Next week I'll post about Dot's very first therapy visit experience!

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