Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TD/TDX at Middle Fork

Our dog training club holds a TD/TDX test each December.  This year it was a bit larger than usual because we had THREE judges (one apprentice) so we had four TD (Tracking Dog) tracks and five TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) tracks. 
Gorgeous weekend for tracking.  This is at around 7 am, just a bit frosty but you can see the sun is coming out!
I laid a TDX track and crosstracks on another TDX with AWESOME outcomes!  The dog who ran my track passed!  And the dog that ran the track that I laid crosstrack for passed!  I was successfully stinky enough and then not stinky at all!
HUGE congrats to Ruby and her handler!  They drove quite a ways for this test and it was worth it!  I highly encourage anyone interested in tracking to volunteer at tests, it is an awesome way to learn and it takes a village to run a tracking test.

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