Monday, December 29, 2014

Pet Blogger Gift Exchange

This may be my first year participating but this is the third year for the Annual Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange hosted by Something Wagging This Way Comes.  We're not exchanging physical gifts, we're exchanging good vibes, encouragement and friendship!

We were paired up with DZ's Adventures, which is just about the most perfect match that could have been made!  The blog features Dante and Ziva, two bully breed dogs who live in rainy Eugene, Oregon.  Dante and Ziva's owner (and blog writer) is passionate about advocating for bully breeds and busting stereotypes.  I LOVE her History of Bully Breeds post, so much great info there!

One thing that I am struck with when reading this blog is how active outdoors this family is with their dogs.  Hiking (in some rather tough terrain), snow shoeing and joring, it's inspiring and makes me want to get out there with my own dogs.  But then I look outside and it is FREEZING COLD!  Come spring, I have something to aspire to!
DZ Dog Mom is also very in tune with her pups and uses positive methods to help solve any problems that arise.  Ziva can be selectively reactive in certain situations.  DZ Dog Mom's approach of teaching impulse control using clicker training makes SO much more sense than the more common (at least around here) stern shouting, NILF (Nothing In Life is Free) and "pack leader" type domination training.  She also wants to start agility training with her, which will only build more focus and relationship and help even more with reactivity.  Good thinking!
DZ's Adventures is a great blog for those who like reading Bully Breed success stories, watching videos of dogs getting down and having fun in nature and being inspired to take a proactive approach to dog behavior.  I can't wait to hear what these guys get up to next! 


  1. Oh, you got one of my faves! I enjoy reading the adventures of Dante and Ziva too.

  2. Nothing better than active families. We love reading about adventures too!

  3. I also love reading about the DZ Dog Adventures. Thanks for sharing why they're so great for the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange!

  4. DZ's Adventures is one of my favorite blogs. Nice way to highlight the blog for the PBGE!