Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fixing Dot's Ear Infections

Dot's adorable ears also cause some troubles.
Dot has been with our family for almost 2 years now.  Like a lot of drop-eared dogs, she suffers from ear infections.  Before we adopted her, her foster mom struggled with her ear infections.  She switched her to grain-free food which helped a little but when we adopted her she still had yeasty, itchy ears.  She would scratch at them until they were red and bleeding and scabbed.  The ointment from the vet didn't even make a dent in the infection, I was constantly cleaning her ears and was looking for a cure.
Sometimes Dot likes to air out her ears.
I found one in an article in Whole Dog Journal!  Boric Acid Powder, which I purchased from the Walmart pharmacy.  Cheap and easy to find.  Easy to apply too, just dab some powder onto a cotton swab and swab it around in the ear, being careful not to get it anywhere hear eyes, nose and mouth.

Dot's ears cleared up and she has not had itchy, red, bleeding ears since!  I apply a little boric acid powder every month or so when I clean her ears out just to keep it from recurring.

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